Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vintage Halloween Table Decorating

This is sort of a mix of photos, but I wanted to get into the spirit of the upcoming special day.

What are you doing for Halloween?


  1. WOW! were any of those taken at your house? SO FUN! thank u for sharing the inspiration & wonder!!!

  2. No, my house isn't ready to decorate yet, still working on the boring stuff. =(

    But meanwhile, I can enjoy what others are doing. =)

  3. Oh yes. My Mother decorated just like these pictures. Very creative. My birthday is the day after Halloween so every birthday party was a wonderful excuse for Mother to have a theme party. She loved them! And she was very good at them. She just drove you nuts preparing.

    Always a costume event and always ON halloween and not my birthday. Party first and then all of us kids would go trick or treating together. Cake, ice cream and then candy? I guess that's why we were never allowed back inside the house after the party was over. LOL!

    And she was very creative with costumes. To be Dracula she made a cape with a red satin lining and stiff pop-up collar. A ghost? You couldn't be just an ordinary ghost. She found some stretchy cheesecloth like material that you could see through from the inside and made a shroud basically. It would move and change shape as you moved your arms or walked. VERY cool!

    Of course when you went to bed after trick or treating, the next day you found all the Snickers were missing. LOL! She would go through my candy and take what she wanted like I wouldn't know.

    "You ate them dear."
    No I didn't! Now give 'em back!
    "I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about."
    "Oh shut up and eat a Pez. Grow up."

    If we ran out of candy she used mine and I had to go out and get more. Sometimes a change of costume so the neighbors wouldn't think I'd been there before. LOL! It was fun! The neighbors would all play pranks on each other.

    My Mother was in her early 40's and the neighbor across the street kept shooting firecrackers at the foundation of our house. So about midnight, she got me up and dressed us both in solid black, complete with black makeup and tobaggons. We crawled through the bushes to the neighbors house and rolled their yard. LOL!

    Of course she went into labor with me on Halloween night. She ran out of candy so she started popping popcorn and putting it in baggies. It was very warm and Daddy had his shirt off. A labor pain hit her just as Dad was running in behind her and she flipped the pan! Oh yeah! Burn city! LOL!