Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Starburst Design Items and Unknown Sets

Well look at this. This starburst coffee pot and warmer also matches these candle chimneys:


and this warming plate:

(Oops! I was sure I had a photo of the same design in a glass warming plate with a double candle holder that goes underneath the plate)

At any rate, after you spend enough time searching places like eBay, you start to see matching sets of things you didn’t know were a set.

Like my biomorphic gold Mirro tray and triple-tiered tidbit tray:

I bought the tray first, then discovered the triple-tiered tray a few months later.

So keep your eye open for sets you didn’t know were sets!


  1. Whoa--they would really complement some glasses I have--not starburst but the same gold/black theme. I love the coffee pot/warmer set.

  2. Oh boy! I love collecting things (in my mind-no room in my tiny home) Although, if I found something with a starburst design, I'd pick it up really quickly.

  3. That starburst design.. omg. In my head it goes with everything...in my world of rationalization - so I can buy it with out guilt...it can go with a leopard faux fur seat cushion if it has to :)

  4. I LOVE those lamps - and your entire arrangement. It all looks so prefect together.

  5. Starburst is such a classic design, isn't it? And that pattern comes up fairly often in each of the three related things I have seen so far. I believe the company is "Inland Glass" or "Inland" something...

    Hiya and thank you kindly Heidi Ann... Still a long shot away from being able to decorate the whole house, but I insist on doing what I can in little areas in the mean time.

  6. wonderful eye candy thank u! i LOVE that molded glass tray i just covet them!!!