Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Want I Want I Want

I wanted this small pink bullet planter. It’s only 6 inches high! So cute!

But it sold for more than I was willing to pay for one little item.


Do you often see wonderful things you really want, but either cannot afford all of them or you know you have too many of something already?

I wanted this Melmac Branchell dinner set:

I mean, it matches the pattern on the silly artwork I did several years ago!
Melmac Attack:

Artwork post HERE.

But, the seller was selling each different set of cups, plates, dishes, etc separately, so the whole thing would have been far too expensive to bid on and win.


And I wanted this atomic, Caulder-esque 13 inch long tray:

It was listed for only $10!

But it sold for $35. And I have too many things to set out on my tabletops and dressers and buffets and such.