Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

It’s a beautiful first day of October here. Cool, breezy and the cats are running around like crazy out back.

I had something else to post today, but instead will post a few more Favorite Things.

My Grandmother as a girl, August 4th, 1913, wearing the dress in the photo that the photograph sits on:

Don’t you love opening up your dresser drawers to find some of your vintage goodies you’ve collected?

I often find myself doing this, just to enjoy what I have.

I know you all have some cute vintage sewing things, don’t you?

And vintage scrapbooks! Who gives up or sells their family scrapbooks? I’d love LOVE to have scrapbooks from my family with bits of history in it. I found this one in an Antique shop, detailing one woman’s wedding and subsequent children:

It contains all sorts of mementos from the wedding:

And travels:

And birth of their first son:

It makes you wonder how these got to an Antique Mall, and where the family is, and why they didn’t keep this. Sadly, I’ve heard of families not wanting anything of their parents or Grandparents history.

I always ask: “Why?”

And Mom had some charming, small old books. One a Palmistry book containing old pressed flower petal from long ago:

These little old books are about 5 inches or so in height. So cute!

A bit rushed on this post, but I am off to go out for the day!

Hope your October 1st is a wonderful day!