Thursday, October 22, 2009

1950’s Halloween Costumes and Fun

I found some more delightful and frightful mid-century Halloween photos to share with all of you.

Love the early color photos. Clowns and skeletons seem to be popular here, and is that a pirate and a space man?

Oops hope I didn’t post this one before? Anyways, love the home-made robot costumes! I bet they were the talk of the neighborhood that year:

Looks like these nice ladies are setting up a large snack treat table. I hope they have caramel apples too!

I think this photo has something to do with being safe at night, because it looks like they are wearing reflective tape around their sleeves and pants cuffs. Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat! Great costumes. Do many of you know who Felix the Cat is?

And how many of you remember these early treat bags? I remember one house handing out these filled with candy. Wow, I couldn’t believe someone would give out not just one piece of candy, but a whole adorable little baggie filled with treats!

Mighty Mouse and maybe the Lone Ranger. I suppose not all of you remember Mighty Mouse either? I must be getting old!

A Halloween parade! Lucky them. I recall a Halloween parade when I was in Kindergarten or maybe it was first grade, parading around in our costumes at the school playground. I was so happy to be a colorful gypsy that year. Do kids do that any more, or have they stopped celebrating Halloween at school?

Goodness! What is that costume with the big head? Any clues? Very creative. And a leopard, bearded cowboy? Knight? Pirate? And Elvis with sideburns? Ha ha I don’t think that is Elvis in blue.

This photo looks a little familiar too, but we don’t mind looking at it again, do we?
Is that the Green Hornet I see, top right? A clown, a spaceman, two, actually, a bunny, the devil and… I can’t tell on the right lol…

Tricks or Treats bag. Looks familiar, I might have had that style of bag way back when:

Other than someone in her pajamas and the overalls (?) made from feed sacks (the burlap kind, not the other kind) and the Halloween decorations in the background, I’m not sure what’s going on here:

Uh oh, who else remembers Zorro? Am I really that old? The best! The Space Ranger in the background is priceless! I forget the name of the hound dog character to the right:

And finally I came across this add for candy bars for Halloween. Who got full sized candy bars? I think I remember only ever getting one, and I’m not sure about that either. Cute ad, Baby Ruths are the best!