Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wonderful Mid-Century 1950’s Items

Here are some very cool things I’d love to have!

George Nelson China Shop Tray:

NOS (new old stock) sold for: $342

1930’s Lawson Zephyr Clock. This is more Streamline/Art Deco, which I love, and would rather have an Art Deco home if I had a choice, but alas, Art Deco is not for the consumer on a budget!

Sold for: $676

Sweet Eames era tri-colored tension pole lamp with glass globes. Sweet!

Sold for: $216

Eames Enamel Coaster Set. Oh how I wanted these! But once again, I missed the bid as I was working, here, yes, right at my computer. Ok, time to look into a snipe program:

Sold for: $32

1950’s Asbestos Tile Samples. Am I admitting my age if I mention I remember many a floor made with these? Love the styles:

Sold for $20.

Mid-Century Manhattan Skyline Oil Painting. Frank Mullins artist. As an artist, I love checking out the artworks of other artists!

Reserve not met at $353.