Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wonderful Mid-Century 1950’s Items

Here are some very cool things I’d love to have!

George Nelson China Shop Tray:

NOS (new old stock) sold for: $342

1930’s Lawson Zephyr Clock. This is more Streamline/Art Deco, which I love, and would rather have an Art Deco home if I had a choice, but alas, Art Deco is not for the consumer on a budget!

Sold for: $676

Sweet Eames era tri-colored tension pole lamp with glass globes. Sweet!

Sold for: $216

Eames Enamel Coaster Set. Oh how I wanted these! But once again, I missed the bid as I was working, here, yes, right at my computer. Ok, time to look into a snipe program:

Sold for: $32

1950’s Asbestos Tile Samples. Am I admitting my age if I mention I remember many a floor made with these? Love the styles:

Sold for $20.

Mid-Century Manhattan Skyline Oil Painting. Frank Mullins artist. As an artist, I love checking out the artworks of other artists!

Reserve not met at $353.


  1. These things are all really awesome, you have great taste! LOL

  2. Hiya Steiffgal. It would be easier if I did what you do and collect mostly one thing lol...

  3. Hey, if you like checking out other artists' work, look on the sidebar of my blog - I've got all my artist friends listed there!

  4. Hello, we love this Frank Mullins skyline piece. Was this ever sold, if not, is it for sale. Please contact me at noahharald@hotmail.com. Thanks!