Friday, September 25, 2009

Vintage Treasures Inside Vintage Containers

Because things like vintage suitcases, picnic baskets, cigar boxes and even old ice chests make wonderful storage places!

I’ve collected vintage suitcases and such just like I bet you have, for a long time. They make wonderful places to store your treasures, and look good while doing it.

What treasures do you have inside your vintage storage boxes?

Of course a quilted glove box needs gloves and fans:

Smaller suitcase holds the smaller collection of vintage art supplies:

Another small suitcase holds lovely old vintage laces and trim:

One suitcase holds some of my vintage quilts:

And an old charming picnic basket and cooler hold wonderful thing too.

A red glass refrigerator box holds my vintage soda bottle cap collection and a wooden cigar box keeps my vintage office and desk supplies neat and tidy:

Large picnic basket holds a lot more than Sunday snacks:

And normally I would “dress up” my photos a bit, but I love the wear and chipping paint on this old ice chest, so rather than try to “cover it up” with white tissue paper or similar, I let it stand as it is. It holds my vintage soda collection:

By the way, those are “modern” sodas in the old style bottles with the old-fashioned soda recipes used. I got them from Galco’s, a wonderful multi-generational, family owned business in Los Angeles. You can also order from them online, so fill up your old soda ice box too!

Check out Galco’s HERE.

Share what treasures you have stored in your special boxes and containers!