Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Mid-Century Christmas Ornaments

I thought it would be the responsible thing to do. Check out what I do have in the way of vintage ornaments, or “ornies” as we called them, before I plunged in to buy more.

I used to pick them up by the box for $1 or less at thrifts, back in the day when you could still find vintage goodies around here in desolate, transitory southern California.

Guess it’s a good thing I did:

These are large, deep boxes, too:

Yea, and Grandma’s Putz cardboard houses, and the ceramic mica covered house with a few other goodies. The Putz’s are a bit dusty, though. Ah well, it means they have been loved:

I also have a rather large vintage Santa head with a beard made from spun glass. It looks like it was a store display.

So, I suppose I’d better put off buying any new Christmas ornies for a while.

But after looking more on eBay, I can see I’ll have many things to talk about this holiday season. Some of the older ornaments are simply wonderful. And I don’t think it a mistake to have vintage items older than mid-century, since everyone had things older than the ‘50’s in their homes at the time.

And so many photos of people in front of Christmas trees. And then the feather trees and mercury garlands and spun cotton decorations.