Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Mid-Century Artwork

Well, I don’t really consider it my REAL artwork lol, but I did a whole lot of acrylics in between my pencil drawings a few + years ago when I sold on eBay.

I did all kinds of things, but it seems to me I did cats, cows and martinis the most.

After a while, you kind of go stir crazy doing this kind of thing, so I’d start thinking up all kinds of crazy ideas to break the monotony.

So I painted:

An Amoeba Is Eating My Shoes:

I guess that's the martini olive, not an amoeba, but like I said, you go a little nuts when you paint all day every day.

And because it needed a companion piece, I painted:

Melmac Attack:

I’d often paint these artworks, then keep them because I liked them too much to sell them, so I still have these.

Too funny. A bit “modern” for “true” vintage style, but I may yet hang these in my entranceway ha ha.