Friday, September 4, 2009

Mid-Century Pottery

Here is an updated photo of my small pottery collection. Moms blue Aldo Londi Italian mid-century pottery bird is shown in this photo:

Should I refinish that 1950’s shelf? It’s worn, not dusty or dirty.

Got to posting a few photos of my mid-century things on a chat board when the subject of collections came up. One guy said my style of choice of '50's style was “too modern” and “if it’s stuff you had as a kid, it has no value”.

Big laugh. He prides himself on knowing antiques, and I imagine he is passing up a lot of deals with that attitude.

It reminded me of the plumber who walked into my house and proclaimed: “Whoa! A blast back to the 1960’s! Why would you decorate with 1960’s crap?!”

Uh, no, it’s 1950’s d├ęcor, and believe me, he won’t get my business ever again.

Do any of you ever get this attitude? Quite honestly, it surprises me when people express their dissatisfaction in this way. I may not like Amish style or colonial, but I wouldn’t put someone down for it.

What say you?