Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let’s Cover Thanksgiving Too

Ok ladies (and gents), a good mid-century woman makes sure she is prepared for the holiday seasons well in advance, so let’s cover a little bit of Thanksgiving too!

A few darling salt and pepper shakers dress a table nicely:


A few charming ornaments hung from a little twig tree will make part of a lovely seasonal centerpiece:

Some bright and cheerful wall decorations set the scene:

Honeycomb paper decorations make a fast and easy centerpiece that can be moved easily if necessary:

Let’s not forget the table dressing:

Adding seasonal stickers to your more formal dinner invitations will make your guests-to-be smile:

Be sure to do the decorating well in advance of the cooking and other preparations so you won't be rushed or tired when guests arrive.

And now, ladies, that concludes our mid-century home decorating tip of the day!