Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is It Too Early For Christmas Ornaments?

Went through Moms large box of Christmas ornaments, or “ornies” as we used to call them to see what vintage, childhood memory-provoking goodies I could find.

This was it!!

In addition to a precious few other things:

The elf is a Lefton, the three angels with the musical instruments in the front were Grandma’s, which make them special.

Now, Mom loved, I mean LOVED Christmas, so she has a wonderful large vintage village, some of Grandma’s Putz brand houses, and numerous nativities, but it seems she didn’t start buying things until about the mid-to-late 1970’s when she got another job after being home for a while.

So most everything she has is post 1970’s. Drat.

The majority of her vast ornie collection is from the late ‘70’s onward, so it sadly has little appeal to me except I know she loved them, so they are special for that reason.

We used to have a few older glass ornies from Grandma, but I suppose they got broken over time.


I have avoided doing searches for “vintage Christmas” on eBay because I have so much vintage and non-vintage holiday stuff already.

And some of the ornies on eBay sell for a lot of money, more than I’m willing to pay.

But I did do a search and came across some lovely vintage beauties:

There is something so honest and beautiful about the wear these ornaments have seen…

I love to see age and flaking paint on these:

Just lovely:

I’ve picked up quite a few boxes of vintage mid-century ornaments, I must be crazy to be looking for more, but mine look more like this:

Not many indents or flocked.

I don’t think a few more could hurt, right?