Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Favorite Things

I love the photos many of you take of your own favorite things, usually around your house.

My favorite things are often things my Mom had, or made or gave to me.

She made both of us a Button Baby, a vintage style adorable tea-dyed cloth stuffed baby doll with a head made of pink buttons, and lace and more buttons. She used to pretty much hand sew all of her dolls unless I insisted on helping her and running up a few on my old sewing machine that she couldn’t use.

I love the color of these Fall Berries and cloisonné necklace beads (Mom owned) against this vintage bowl. I even love the crazing and crackling in the bowl:

I didn’t know Mom had these tin-types until after she passed away and I went through her room. The one gent on the right is my great, great grandfather on her side (of her Moms’ side) of the family, taken about 1918 or 1919. And that is my great, great grandmother as a girl in the left of the photo on the left.

Thankfully she went through most of the photos and labeled them on the back, otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue as to who they were.

I love these old vintage composition baby dolls Mom had. She has a couple more, which I must get out. The poor darling on the right needs her hair combed:

I discovered these colonial figurines in Mom’s boxes of miniature Christmas village:

They have such sweet little faces:

And the “missing Madonna” we had misplaced for years. Mom, I found it in the box of Christmas ornaments! I wish I could tell her:

She wasn’t religious, but she loved her Madonna statues and angels.

And look at these two adorable teeny, tiny metal dolls she had:

The baby on the left is jointed! I think it went with another little tiny cloth doll she bought. The Kewpie is so charming. The vintage little tray they are in is 3” to give you an idea for scale.

And finally the vibrant colors of silk Fall leave garland against the vintage Majolica (?) blue-turquoise fish patterned bowl:

I want to keep taking photos of Favorite things, and start taking photos of my Moms photographs to post, but I want to find a more dedicated image host before I put up images I want to last a long time, just to be sure.

I think part of it is because I miss Mom so much, and partly because my dear friend lost everything he owned in a brush fire that claimed his house. He lost his entire life of possessions in that fire, photos included. So that plays on my mind a lot. I want photos and memories to be stored somewhere safe, just in case.