Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Enjoy What You Have - Part 3

Here is my little Gussy Steiff cat, and the beautiful empty rose scrapbook I got for Mom. The colonial couple was hers, and the little Oriental wooden horse on the stand she bought me years ago. In the background is her collection of charming old small books:

Doesn’t everyone have at least one of these black mid-century cat statues? And the crystal candlesticks Mom gave me on one of my Birthdays. She loved her crystal, and gave me her favorite:

For that reason, they are special.

The darling little strawberry tea set Mom bought when I took her to Julian, a little antique community. She also gave this to me on a Birthday. And a beautiful cased glass iRice powder dish I got a one of our many thrift store visits:

A good friend gave me the Deco clock. What a wonderful gift, I must send her a gift this holiday. My late brother gave me the cobalt blue pitcher and perfume bottle:

Mom loved her old books, and luckily this set of shelves is deep, so in front I have more little things I picked up here and there in our travels. I usually group things by color if I can:

And finally for this post, more wonderful vintage suitcases, which have more things stored inside them, vintage textiles, and a matching set of mid-century decorator plates I got while shopping with Mom. The cloisonné necklace was hers as well:

I know my photos are quite amateur looking. I will try to take better photos as I go along. I’d love to know how some of you take such good photos!