Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Enjoy What You Have - Part 2

I took a few more photos of some of my wonderful vintage things. Oh, they are not really valuable or name brand, or strictly mid-century, but it all has sentimental meaning to me.

This is in the Master Bedroom, and once again, I don’t have it “decorated” yet, just things put in places where they fit… For now. Once I get the walls painted… Seems I have been waiting on that for too long.

On the mid-century desk is the wonderful pink bullet cone lamp (featured on my blog logo), a pink rose toile tray Mom and I bought at a thrift years ago, her collection of miniature perfume bottles and a boomerang vase I got on eBay:

Sorry for the odd angle on this photo. I have picked up old suitcases over the years as they make wonderful storage/table areas. In the top case is the collection of little kitties Mom and I collected mostly from a darling country shop in the big Mall in my area:

I remember how much fun we had going there and looking at all the country things. Mom especially loved the country style.

If I had my way, I’d have an Art Deco house, as this is my first interior design love. I’ve collected a lot of things in black and red. The opera glove vase, vintage buttons and scrapbooks of movie stars like Norma Shearer. A real photo of a couple on a crescent moon taken in the ‘20’s:

I like to have a balance of both feminine and masculine things, and here is some of my masculine red and black Deco:

The cathedral radio is a repro, but I love it. And a red and black tile trivet:

And finally, a photo of my dear Mom as a sweet little girl. She is pictured here with two of her older brothers. I miss you Mom:

By the way, I was reading the post “Monday Musings” on Peggyann’s blog HERE and I love what she wrote about reflecting on the past every Fall. Peggyann I tried to reply to your blog but I am not too bright about blogs just yet, and somehow wasn’t able to. I enjoyed your post very much.