Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Blog with Fantastic Mid-Century Disneyland Photos

If you ever visited Disneyland, or enjoyed it in some way, then this blog is for you!

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I am reposting my own mid-century Disneyland memories:

Allow me to indulge in the “way back machine” here for this post.

I came across a Disneyland Monsanto postcard on eBay and it brought back a whole flood of memories.

I was born and raised and grew up in southern California (still live here) and every Birthday, Mom would have Dad take each of us somewhere special for our Birthday.

I remember going to Disneyland several times back then. Mom didn’t know, it wasn’t all that fun going with Dad because he couldn’t go on any rides that would spin or drop or do much of anything fast, and he seemed to need to sit down an awful lot while I wanted to go, go go.

But I do remember having fun and being excited regardless.

I wasn’t like all the other girls; I didn’t want to go to Snow Whites castle. I wanted to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, and The Ride Through Inner Space:



I also loved the Carousel of Progress with its silly song:

I just loved it. It was the futuristic home of the future part I loved so much. And I thought they tore it down, but turns out they moved it to Disneyworld in FL. I just watched a youtube vid of the updated version. They changed the (outdated but very cool) futuristic home part for a modern, current home display. It’s not as good.

And after the ride, you walked by a big futuristic city in a big plastic covered bubble display that had all the little moving futuristic cars and such. Someone, a Disneyland collector I knew on a chat board, sent me a picture of it, but alas, my other computer died and I have it on back-up disk somewhere to re-find someday.

At any rate, I don’t remember ever riding the rocket ship ride that went around in circles (a make-Dad-sick ride):

I never saw The House of the Future display:

I believe it was built in the 1970’s and I’m going to write a post about how I think 1970’s style was different than “Mid-Century” style.

Monsanto display (remember the catch phrase “better living through chemistry?):

I think they said that during the Monsanto-sponsored People Mover ride:


Which was a Dad-approved ride, but one I found not exciting enough for me:

I think I rode this once:

…with my brothers on a rare, family trip to Disneyland.

Oh and somewhere I have original black and white photos of Disneyland before they even opened their doors. Dad and Mom rode out there and took some photos. Mom said it had a dirt parking lot at the time. I’ll dig those up as I have to go through all the family photos one day soon.

I remember having a whole $16 one trip to Disneyland. $16!! It was the most money I’d ever had at one time before in my life and it seemed like a small fortune to a kid like me. I bought a ceramic Dalmatian puppy and a Lady from lady and the Tramp wooden necklace. Somewhere I have a photo of the purple outfit I wore with that necklace, and I still have the necklace.

Ah, those were the fun days. It was a big deal to go to Disneyland as my folks didn’t have a lot of spare cash, and I enjoyed it so much.