Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Beauty Is In The Details

I’ve always been a believer in the details when it comes to mid-century vintage. So I’ve collected things that a vintage modern woman should have, down to the cosmetics, perfumes and such.

Mom owned those greenish gold cats eye glasses.

And I try to group thing by color, if possible. If not, well, close enough.

But sometimes it’s a label design, or a tiny velvet bow around the neck of a tiny perfume bottle that gets my attention.

Red Bakelite handles on a little cardboard jewelry box.

The black poodle telephone dialer (so we ladies don’t break a nail), the marquisate lizard pin and rhinestone bracelet and pins Mom gave me.

And I believe even little drawers should contain vintage things.

I adore the little purse sized hosiery kits they made for ladies on the go, to repair a little run.

And more hosiery kits shaped like little matchbooks, an old gum wrapper, razor blade wrappers with amazing graphics.

Rouge for our lips and cheeks, care for our nails, color for our hair and soap flakes for our lingerie.

Yes, I believe beauty is in the details, and beauty should be in every nook and drawer you open.