Sunday, September 27, 2009

1920’s Vintage Halloween Costume

It’s older than mid-century, but check out this wonderful old Halloween costume!

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I’m an Art Deco gal at heart, and I love this costume! It needs love and a good cleaning, but it’s interesting how many of the early costumes seemed to be basic “clown” outfit design in nature.

And my latest image host comes with a sneaky catch. First of all, you have to click about 5 clicks to get the html code for each photo, so it’s a pain in the ass. But they also don’t tell you that you have a 200 image limit, and photos go hidden if you don’t upgrade. I had to delete a few last night to get back below 200.

Ugh! It’s flickr, by the way. So yes, they have those really cool photo pools and such, but sucker you into paying for their service once you have more than 200 photos.

OK, it’s business. I get it.

Photobucket made a change and I am now literally unable to upload photos. I have accounts. But their new style or whatever doesn’t work on my computer.

So, what to do?

The way flickr is set up, (unless I am missing something), you can only upload 6 at a time, and have to click on each photo, then click a second time to get the html code, which is a pain if you have more than one pic. Because then you have to hit the back button twice, and two more clicks for the next photo.

I’m not going to pay for that kind of aggravation lol…

When I had my own website image host, you had to hand type in the name and code for each photo, so that wasn’t easy either.

So now what?

Ok, after that long rant, one ore thing to add!

I got my wonderful mid-century vase and my starburst tray which I love!

But the two horse statues I got, advertised as “Art Deco Horses” turned out to be brand new just off the shelf decorator items. The seller should have advertised them as “Art Deco Style”.


Now I didn’t think they were actually from the 1920’s but it was implied they were vintage as they, “along with other vintage equine items, were purchased from a local estate.”

Still, I pictured them looking like they could have been from the set of the television series Mad Men:

So I’m not all disappointed. But, I don’t like it when an item is misrepresented, even a little.