Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Tribute to my Mom~ The Pink Room

I’m not even at the point of being able to take interior room photos to share with you, and that depresses me.

But I realized I could take some of what I call the pink room, or simply my tribute to Mom room.

In my effort to settle the estate items, I just set these things up with no real decorating in mind, and also wanted to keep it much like Mom had it, so it’s a bit out of sorts. She liked her space to look like a nice booth at an antique shop. At any rate, I hope you enjoy finally seeing a peek at what I have.

It’s not strictly 1950’s, but a mix of mostly vintage things.

This is a 1950’s crib Mom and I bought about 15 years ago for $10, and in it are some of the hand-stitched dolls she made. She didn’t use a sewing machine, she literally hand-stitched most all of her dolls:

And the other side of the crib filled with the dolls she made:

The old iron bed I got about 25 years ago with it’s original sisal mattress and the original and beloved copy of The Velveteen Rabbit book she used to read to us as kids:

And the foot of the bed with a couple vintage quilts on it and the pillows we used to make together:

Mom wasn’t particularly religious, but she loved religious statues, especially of Mary. She found them calming:

She loved fine little statues:

The little baby Jesus was my grandmothers. The tiny drawings in the three small frames were done by my Mom’s Aunt, my Great Aunt in the 1920’s:

The shelf I had to take down and move, and put back up when moving furniture in and out of the room. I didn’t spend time to dress it up much, and I have more small dolls Grandma gave me to add:

A clothespin doll and a tiny toothpick doll. The grey artwork of the lake and the boat is also my Great Aunt’s work:

I’m sure the doll on the left is Grandmas, but funny, I didn’t remember us ever having it until I went through Mom’s things:

The two pair of Roaring ‘20’s dolls she made for both of us. She often made pairs of dolls so both she and I would have one. A
The only two finer antique dolls from Grandma Mom had left in the background:

She loved her modern larger dolls too, so I had to keep a couple of them, even though they are not my style. Vintage pink poodle dog and some of the awards she won for showing her hand-made dolls on the closet door:

Mom also loved primitive things, so I had to keep this brood of chickens and rooster, with the old slice of watermelon. You can also see the design on the crib:

A few older baby dolls Mom had. Aren't they sweet?

And finally, one of a few angels she had which I hung in the room. She has a huge box of Christmas ornaments, and when I get time to go through that, I will hang more angels from the ceiling:

I know this was a lot of photos to share at once. I appreciate your patience in waiting for them to load if it took a while. I wanted to make this one post instead of two.