Monday, August 31, 2009

Featured Website of the Day: Mid Century Modernist

You will love this website! All kinds of links with fantastic photos.


Check out Mid Century Modernist HERE

When I said the weather here heated up, I checked yesterday and the high was 106F. So much for that unseasonably cool summer.

Last Wednesday, after washing the car and running errands, I came home about noon, sat in front of this bedroom turned office rooms’ a/c, and CLUNK! Compressor quit.

So I had to jump in my hot car, run up to the local store and picked up another small window-mount a/c, heave it in the cart, heave it in my car, heave it in my house, heave it out of the box, undo and heave the older, even heavier a/c out of the window, and heave the new one in.

I really do NOT like summer.