Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall is On It’s Way!

My favorite time of year!

It’s the dog days of summer to be sure. The weather was unusually cool the past two months, but right on schedule, as school starts, the weather shot up over 100 degrees.

Whatever happened to school starting the middle of September?

Well, now that Labor Day is almost here marking the end of summer, thankfully, the stores will have their Fall decorations filling the shelves in a week’s time.

To help get you in the mood, check out these ultra cool vintage Halloween things:





  1. Those are great. I love the tamborine. I've lately found online a number of really interesting vintage halloween toys. They're made of plastic, molded in orange and painted black. Cats, witches (including one on a rocket), scarecrows, Jack-O-Lanterns -- everything you'd expect. They're really pretty amazing.

    Of course, they're also pretty expensive, which is why my home isn't currently overrun with the little buggers.

  2. The small toys that hold few small pieces of candy and sat, I assume, on a table top for a party, seem to be selling for big prices.

    I'll find some of those to make a post about. I'd like to know why they are considered so valuable.

  3. This is the only thing that's great about the end of summer - Halloween is on its way. It's my favourite holiday of the whole year (above xmas would you believe) which is pretty unusual in the UK! America gets all the best Halloween stuff!

  4. Hiya... Ahh but we can all buy what we love on places like eBay!

    The UK has some wonderful mid-century goodies of it's own, I notice.

    And yes, I love Halloween just a bit more than Christmas too. =)