Friday, August 28, 2009

Eames Era Aldo Londi Bitossi Italian Pottery Bird and Eames Storage Stool

I discovered this auction:

This beautiful sgraffito Italian Pottery bird was designed for Bitossi by creative director Aldo Londi, cira 1950. The amazing tri-colors of Rimini Blue and Turquoise are typical for this Italian Artist.
The measurements are 7.1/2" in length and 5.1/2" in height. Weight is approx. 2.1/2 lbs.


The condition is good with a repair. In the past someone broke the tail and repaired it. Also, it has normal wear consistant with age and a sliver type chip on the rim of tail. Though not perfect it is still a wonderful piece of Italian Art.

More coincidence!

I have one of these. Well, Mom had one and it’s been kicking around the kitchen counter for years.

I almost threw it out in the cleaning the past few months thinking it was something she picked up in the 1970’s because that’s what it looked like to me, and I’m a pretty darn good judge of the era in which something comes from.

In this case, I was wrong!

This one sold for $33 and amazingly with a tail that had broken off at one time and was repaired, showing two significant chips to the tail area.

Mine is not only flawless, but still retains the original tag. I never noticed it before.

Funny thing is, earlier I’d gotten it off the counter, dusted it off and decided to put it with my small pottery collection, even though I was sure it was a mod 1970’s item.

Then I came across this auction a couple hours later.

It’s nice to know it has some value and Mom didn’t buy just some unknown knick knack. Good for you, Mom! And I would have felt terrible had I thrown it out only to discover it might be worth $100-$200 in this perfect condition with tag.

Oh and I wanted this Eames stool with storage area soooo bad! And it only sold for $20!

But alas, the auction ended too late and I had to sleep. I need a couple stools or benches for my master bedroom desks, and this would have been perfect for the little built-in vanity at the end of the little hall that leads to the bathroom. Sigh, maybe another time.