Monday, August 31, 2009

Featured Website of the Day: Mid Century Modernist

You will love this website! All kinds of links with fantastic photos.


Check out Mid Century Modernist HERE

When I said the weather here heated up, I checked yesterday and the high was 106F. So much for that unseasonably cool summer.

Last Wednesday, after washing the car and running errands, I came home about noon, sat in front of this bedroom turned office rooms’ a/c, and CLUNK! Compressor quit.

So I had to jump in my hot car, run up to the local store and picked up another small window-mount a/c, heave it in the cart, heave it in my car, heave it in my house, heave it out of the box, undo and heave the older, even heavier a/c out of the window, and heave the new one in.

I really do NOT like summer.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall is On It’s Way!

My favorite time of year!

It’s the dog days of summer to be sure. The weather was unusually cool the past two months, but right on schedule, as school starts, the weather shot up over 100 degrees.

Whatever happened to school starting the middle of September?

Well, now that Labor Day is almost here marking the end of summer, thankfully, the stores will have their Fall decorations filling the shelves in a week’s time.

To help get you in the mood, check out these ultra cool vintage Halloween things:




Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Tribute to my Mom~ The Pink Room

I’m not even at the point of being able to take interior room photos to share with you, and that depresses me.

But I realized I could take some of what I call the pink room, or simply my tribute to Mom room.

In my effort to settle the estate items, I just set these things up with no real decorating in mind, and also wanted to keep it much like Mom had it, so it’s a bit out of sorts. She liked her space to look like a nice booth at an antique shop. At any rate, I hope you enjoy finally seeing a peek at what I have.

It’s not strictly 1950’s, but a mix of mostly vintage things.

This is a 1950’s crib Mom and I bought about 15 years ago for $10, and in it are some of the hand-stitched dolls she made. She didn’t use a sewing machine, she literally hand-stitched most all of her dolls:

And the other side of the crib filled with the dolls she made:

The old iron bed I got about 25 years ago with it’s original sisal mattress and the original and beloved copy of The Velveteen Rabbit book she used to read to us as kids:

And the foot of the bed with a couple vintage quilts on it and the pillows we used to make together:

Mom wasn’t particularly religious, but she loved religious statues, especially of Mary. She found them calming:

She loved fine little statues:

The little baby Jesus was my grandmothers. The tiny drawings in the three small frames were done by my Mom’s Aunt, my Great Aunt in the 1920’s:

The shelf I had to take down and move, and put back up when moving furniture in and out of the room. I didn’t spend time to dress it up much, and I have more small dolls Grandma gave me to add:

A clothespin doll and a tiny toothpick doll. The grey artwork of the lake and the boat is also my Great Aunt’s work:

I’m sure the doll on the left is Grandmas, but funny, I didn’t remember us ever having it until I went through Mom’s things:

The two pair of Roaring ‘20’s dolls she made for both of us. She often made pairs of dolls so both she and I would have one. A
The only two finer antique dolls from Grandma Mom had left in the background:

She loved her modern larger dolls too, so I had to keep a couple of them, even though they are not my style. Vintage pink poodle dog and some of the awards she won for showing her hand-made dolls on the closet door:

Mom also loved primitive things, so I had to keep this brood of chickens and rooster, with the old slice of watermelon. You can also see the design on the crib:

A few older baby dolls Mom had. Aren't they sweet?

And finally, one of a few angels she had which I hung in the room. She has a huge box of Christmas ornaments, and when I get time to go through that, I will hang more angels from the ceiling:

I know this was a lot of photos to share at once. I appreciate your patience in waiting for them to load if it took a while. I wanted to make this one post instead of two.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mad Men

Ok, I am certain I am the only person who has not watched this series on cable T.V. from AMC. I have to admit, not only have I never had cable T.V., but also I currently don’t have a T.V.

Well, with the exception of my working Packard Bell 1950’s beauty, but I don’t use that to watch T.V.

I’d show you a photo of the Packard Bell, but it’s in my Studio storage closet until I can get my floors done. Sigh.

OK, on to the show.

(OK, I'm a noob, can someone tell me how to post a vid without it eating the widgets?)

I rented the series DVDs from netflix, and by the way, I can’t say enough good things about netflix and their service and selection, and watched the first three shows of the first season.

I love it! Wonderful even if a bit over the top mid-century interiors, fashion and stereotypes coupled with drama. Ahhh my favorite!

If you are one of those rare people who, like me, haven’t seen this show, then be sure to catch it on DVD.

Eames Era Aldo Londi Bitossi Italian Pottery Bird and Eames Storage Stool

I discovered this auction:

This beautiful sgraffito Italian Pottery bird was designed for Bitossi by creative director Aldo Londi, cira 1950. The amazing tri-colors of Rimini Blue and Turquoise are typical for this Italian Artist.
The measurements are 7.1/2" in length and 5.1/2" in height. Weight is approx. 2.1/2 lbs.


The condition is good with a repair. In the past someone broke the tail and repaired it. Also, it has normal wear consistant with age and a sliver type chip on the rim of tail. Though not perfect it is still a wonderful piece of Italian Art.

More coincidence!

I have one of these. Well, Mom had one and it’s been kicking around the kitchen counter for years.

I almost threw it out in the cleaning the past few months thinking it was something she picked up in the 1970’s because that’s what it looked like to me, and I’m a pretty darn good judge of the era in which something comes from.

In this case, I was wrong!

This one sold for $33 and amazingly with a tail that had broken off at one time and was repaired, showing two significant chips to the tail area.

Mine is not only flawless, but still retains the original tag. I never noticed it before.

Funny thing is, earlier I’d gotten it off the counter, dusted it off and decided to put it with my small pottery collection, even though I was sure it was a mod 1970’s item.

Then I came across this auction a couple hours later.

It’s nice to know it has some value and Mom didn’t buy just some unknown knick knack. Good for you, Mom! And I would have felt terrible had I thrown it out only to discover it might be worth $100-$200 in this perfect condition with tag.

Oh and I wanted this Eames stool with storage area soooo bad! And it only sold for $20!

But alas, the auction ended too late and I had to sleep. I need a couple stools or benches for my master bedroom desks, and this would have been perfect for the little built-in vanity at the end of the little hall that leads to the bathroom. Sigh, maybe another time.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Atomic Eames Candle Holders Chimneys and Tray

I saw one chimney sell for $28, with nothing else. These are sooooo cool! Why did I miss the bid?

Sold for $36:


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Mid-Century Pottery

Why do I love these so much?

I’m still not sure!

All I know is, I would love to have this whole collection on display, on my little 1950’s shelf:


Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Majestic Lamps



A whole thumbnail gallery of 20 mouth-watering Majestic lamps. Hold on to your pocketbook as you look at these beauties from gomod.com HERE

And not to be discounted, I want to mention similar lamps made by other companies, which I think are about as beautiful, and less $ to pick up for your own mid-century atomic home.

Made by Continental:

Made by Premco, dated 1957:

The Premco sold for $60 + $20 shipping, so if you are like me, and don’t have a trust fund lol, there are wonderful lamps you can pick up at reasonable prices.

Ahh, I have “thing” for vintage lamps, so I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Majestic Lamps

Ok, I’m back in business with another image host to update my blog for all of you.

As promised, I wanted to feature the magnificent Majestic Lamp:





There doesn’t seem to be a lot of information online about the company, but I did find this:

The Majestic Lamp Company was formed out of two other companies, the Grisby-Grunow Company of New York City, and The Majestic Radio Company of Elgin, Illinois. Part of this merger entailed Grisby to sale his sole ownership of Columbia records to Sony, the first Japanese company to market in America after the war. Sony still owns the Columbia label today. According to the United States governments desire to control monopolies, no individual could own a manufacturing company of phonograph player, and produce or record the disc which it played.

Also, at the same time of the merger, Mr. Grunow sold out his 50% stake in the Grisby-Grunow Company to the infamous Mayor of New York James Walker. James Walker was President of The Majestic Lamp and Radio Company until 1948. After the change in laws, RCA & the transistor radio nearly put Majestic Lamp & Radio out of business.

With intern president William "Sloppy" Garwood at the helm, The Majestic Lamp and Radio Company was reduced to making only their profitable lamps, and by the early 1950's was known only as The Majestic Lamp Company.

These beautiful lamps were were manufactured sold and marketed under the Majestic Lamp company name until 1963 when the company was sold to Westinghouse.

Clifford Westinghouse made the lamps much more cheaply, with the thought that if he could get a Majestic Westinghouse Lamp into every house of America, then he would make millions on the replacement light bulbs.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Uh Oh Photobucket

As I mentioned, I have been swamped with work lately, but wanted to sneak in a post yesterday. Always hated it how blogs will go along, then stop for weeks or months, so I vowed not to be one of those

But in trying to upload a pic to photobucket yesterday, they removed the option for "old uploader", and the new uploader does not work for me.


So one more detail to work out here, and until then I guess another post will have to wait. =(

Thanks for being so patient!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Atomic Mid-Century Majestic Lamps

I love mid-century lamps with two and three tiered fiberglass shades and atomic shapes, and the Majestic Company always had the best.

I’m swamped with work lately, so I don’t have a lot of free time. Just as soon as I do, I plan on writing an extensive article about these wonderful lamps. I know very little about them myself, all I know is, I love them!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Little Steiff Cat is Famous! Thanks Steiffgal


I posted a photo of my little Steiff cat to thank her, and she did a whole post on my Gussy cat!

Read Steiffgal's Blog HERE

Thanks so much Steiffgal for sharing your knowledge and expertise!



If you have a Steiff animal you'd like to know more about, contact Steiffgal and she just might feature your little darling as well.

Every 1950's Atomic Ranch house needs some Steiff!