Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Blues

It’s so hot here in the summer it saps all of my energy and most of my enthusiasm. That’s why I have been shopping for 1950’s accessories so much lately and have done little with the house. Got outbid on some barkcloth and was glad. I debate a lot over some of these things. And I’m keeping my accessories budget low. It's not that I can't afford the most expensive things. I can get them if I wanted. But the house itself is modest, and that's the way I want it.

And those ugly little handmade pots and vases I made a post about? Seems other people want them too. Waa!

I did snag this little pot for $4:

Yesterday I remembered Mom had a couple of these. One was on the back porch table, and suddenly I remembered one she’d had for years and years. A little, nondescript ugly dark brown weed vase that I never liked… Until now!

I’ve been through the whole house, and didn’t remember seeing it, but something made me go out back and look on the shelves I have on the back porch, and there it was! I was sure it had been thrown out long ago. It’s the one on the second shelf to the left.

I found I had a beautiful olive bowl with a bright blue interior, and a couple others, so that helped my Eames pottery fix and cheered me up:

That’s not dust on those shelves, but over 50 years of honest wear from a lot of living.

Still at one of those points when I’m not sure what to do next, and nothing I need to do next seems like any fun.

I got some weed killer and sprayed the grass growing in the driveway seams, and those awful weeds at the strip of lawn by the curb. Not very exciting stuff, I’m afraid.

I picked up some paint chips for the interior painting:

Won’t do that until the floors are done.

The fencing needs attending to, but that doesn’t sound exciting. Back porch needs clearing but the shed is full of another family members things, who won’t be able to get them until November! I can’t wait for that. And even then, I suspect it won’t all be taken.

The dining table needs to be taken out or taken apart, and a set of shelves in the living room, along with a few large framed pictures that I guess I have to do a large item pick up on, and I hate putting that stuff at the curb for people to gawk at.

The two big windows need to be replaced, but only after I move the dining table and the stuff on the back porch. Ugh.

The floors, seems like I have been waiting forever on the floors but must clear the living room and not sure how. Hate to put more stuff in the garage/studio, but seems I have no choice.

So this is why I have been shopping eBay lately. I’ve been doing the mundane grunt work for two years, and there’s more to do. You don’t really want to hear about this stuff anyways. I don’t even want to think about it!


  1. All the pottery reminds me of all of Mother's pottery dishware from that period. She still has her green "LaSolona" and "Jack Straw" dishes. How that stuff has survived I don't know. She still uses it.

  2. And you're talking about summer in a 50's rancher. I live in the south and I remember very well that we didn't have air conditioning. We had those big "Homart Air Cooler" fans from Sears. Big old belt driven metal fans. Things weighed a ton and were bolted into the windows but brother would they suck the air!

    We had one in the living room over the couch and I remember Mother sitting on the couch to fold clothes and having to turn the fan off because it would suck the socks right out of her hand. LOL!

    We all had those cool osciallting fans in our bedrooms. That was luxury! And no guards over those blades practically. Mother would make pallets on the floor in the summer time and put the fan down on the floor with us. I still have a scar on my left elbow where I rolled over in the middle of the night and got my elbow caught in those metal blades.