Monday, July 13, 2009

New 1950’s Kitchen and Bathroom Floors

I’d been wondering about what to do with the flooring that needs to be redone in the areas of the house without the hardwood floors: The entranceway, kitchen and bathrooms.

Then I came across this standard black and white checkerboard flooring on eBay:

$10.99 a linear foot. I’m sure I could find it for less. But it is a do-able standard pattern, and I like it. Using it for all the floors that need it would be more cohesive throughout the house rather than a different design for the different rooms/areas.

It would work quite well. A little bit “diner-ish”, but I’ve always loved this pattern. It wouldn’t be “true” to the house, the original Linoleum patterns are impossible to find, and to be honest, they weren’t outstanding patterns at all. The bathrooms were kind of a grey-streaked style, the entranceway a white with black streaks and the kitchen looked like small colored tiles in traditional mid-century colors.


  1. Ehh. I'm staying away from the black and white checkerboard. It's a little too Elvis/James DEan/Marilyn for me. Alot of people like it, but I think I will use colored 12" squared tiles in maybe a zigzag design. Deep aqua and chocolate milk brown tiles. Or even pink and brown? The basement of my Cape Cod built in '49 had 2 colors arranged in just alternating straight lines, or stripes. It looked Killer!

  2. I tend to agree. I have a photo here somewhere of a black and white checkerboard kitchen floor, and my first thought was: "Too modern diner trying to look 1950's"

    When I saw the roll flooring I started to like the idea, but I have yet to even look at what else is out there. The original kitchen floor is a small 1" square pattern with off-white, aqua, pink, and brown (maybe more colors, it's still covered and I can't look at it) accent colors.

    My back bathroom has original 1950's brown tiles with a row of pink accent tiles and it looks terrible lol so not sure about brown.

    But, bottom line is, do what makes YOU happy, no one else. That's what I plan on doing. =)

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. Western Distributers in the suburb of Sunshine in Melbourne Victoria Australia still sells Linoleum flooring squares. I'm sure there are still other places around the world that sell origional style Linoleum. Try a Google search.