Friday, July 24, 2009

Mid-Century Eames Mirro Tripod Bowl & Vintage Vanity Chairs

This sold for $36. I bought the same one a few months ago for $6 (both on eBay) and no one else was interested in it. There is a kind of satisfaction knowing you got something others wanted for less.

I need a pair of matching vanity chairs for the master bedroom. One for the desk, and one for the little vanity built into the end of the tiny hall that runs in front of both the closet and bathroom.

Both are set quite low, so the chair would also need to be lower to the ground than most standard chairs.

These two are sweet:


But I’d like a matching pair, and that will be near impossible to find in a lower height.

So this is why I was excited by Urban Outfitters little repro iron bench with the hairpin legs:

And this is also a very cool design found on the net:

It’s obviously a new design, but still nice.

With modern retro designs I can get in a matching pair. If any of you fellow bloggers know of more designs like the ones pictured, I’d be grateful to know!