Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Instant Vintage and Mid-Century 1950’s Collections

I bet most of you smart blogger folks out there already know this. But one of my favorite things to shop for (on eBay, of course) is to do a search for “vintage lot”.

You can exclude unwanted items in your search by adding a “-“ minus sign after “vintage lot” such as: vintage lot –barbie –baseball -buttons

I’ve seen some of the neatest groups of items, and this is where the real deals lie.

If you want an “instant family”, just buy a lot of family photos!

Is your pink shabby chic velvet lined jewelry box devoid of scatter pins? Buy an instant set. Oooo I love the one at the middle bottom of this photo.

Are you a dog or animal lover? Then buy an instant collection of vintage dogs for that awesome vintage knick knack shelf:

There are so many interesting auctions to look at by searching in this category. Happy hunting!