Monday, July 6, 2009

1950’s Mid-Century Atomic Atom Sculpture

I can’t believe I won this on eBay… For only $9.99! It’s 20 inches tall by 10 inches wide! Wow!



It will go in my living room, in-between my two Sputnik Barometers.



What could be more quintessential and iconic than a symbol of atomic energy and space flight for a mid-century, atomic ranch styled home? I’m so thrilled.

I also found a 1957 newspaper in a back closet that mentions the space flight war and sputnik, so that will go along with these.

Finally, that one large item for the living room I’d been looking for.

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  1. OMG--there are absolutely no words. Well, let me try anyway .. this really is the ultimate 50's piece--atomic, with planets, even a tiny baby blue saturn! You really nailed it!! And $9.99-- WOW!!! Congrats :-)