Saturday, June 13, 2009

1950’s Mid-Century Eames Lamps

Bought a couple more mid-century Eames style lamps.

The pink pair will go in the Master bedroom, and they match a brass Art Deco machine age style candlestick I bought about 8 years ago.

The red glass lamp was so cheap I couldn’t pass it by. It goes with that disaster of a lamp I bought back in November, and hints a bit too much at 1960’s style, which I prefer not to have. But, it was less than $10 and resembles the plastic one’s I have seen.

This set of four atomic TV trays sold for an amazing $22. Wow, what a deal. But alas, I already have one in black with blue paint, so I couldn’t justify buying another set of four. It’s so difficult sometimes to turn things down, isn’t it? But I want to maintain a very streamline look overall, so that means passing up some great items and great deals.