Monday, February 9, 2009

Pulling It In Shape

Now that a vast amount of “stuff” has been removed from the master bedroom, I have been in there trying to pull it together. I am so used to my large studio, 450 sq ft with vaulted ceilings that the master bedroom seems small and claustrophobic. Not sure of the room size yet, I’ll have to get in there and measure it. The other two smaller bedrooms are about 10’ by 10’.

The walls have been painted pink for years and years, and the two walls that wrap around the bathroom were wallpapered; one wall still papered, the other one painted over. So pink may not have been the original color.

A tall metal filing cabinet needs to be removed, a small dresser, a set of drawers and an awful, full-sized mattress, box springs and hideous headboard~

One other dresser will stay in there, and the matching desk will be moved in there to bring the mid-century set back together again. Not sure if I should leave the set of shelves in there, bring in the matching one from the living room or have no shelves at all.

One thing I do know, the more “stuff” you have in a room, the more claustrophobic it gets.

There is a bit of assorted stuff that needs to be removed from the closet and one set of drawers, and I have a few boxes of things I need to go through, move into the Studio closet once I pull that stuff out. UGH! It’s all about pushing stuff from one space to another at this point and I am getting sick of it!

Can you tell I was angry at “losing” the lampshade I’d won last post? I have yet to give him the negative feedback yet, but I will. Factual, but well-deserved. Ah, there are more lampshades to be bought on eBay, that’s the beauty of it.

Still getting over the flu or strep throat or some such illness which has sapped my energy and enthusiasm.