Saturday, February 28, 2009

1950’s Doldrums

I’m in a bit of a funk lately. I work and work inside the house, but I can only fill up the two city issued trash cans once each week, so I can only get rid of what fits inside them each week. I spend all week filling up those cans, and when they are filled I look in the rooms and see I have so much more yet to do. It’s completely frustrating.

I like that I am simplifying my life by getting rid of “stuff”, but there are so many sentimental things, things that belonged to loved family members and things I have yet to decide on keeping or not, and boxes of my own stuff to go through, and on and on it goes.

The Interior photos I pictured below are from Better Homes and Gardens 1957 or 1958. And there was a But It Now for one on eBay for only $8. And I waited too long to snag it. Grrrr why does this keep happening to me? Arg.

Once every few days I escape by searching eBay for treasures I really shouldn’t buy. I did get a most fantastic large, vintage ceramic lily pad dish. It was advertised as a green heart, but clearly it’s a wonderful 14” diameter lily pad. I have a lotus blossom candleholder and a Buddha that fits perfectly with it. Didn’t I say earlier that I don’t care for “Asian” style? But it looks so wonderful together, and I have so much vintage Asian things acquired by family. After much thought, I think I will have one of the smaller bedrooms with the Asian theme. I can see at this rate it will be another year before I can even get to the decorating. Sigh.