Saturday, February 28, 2009

1950’s Doldrums

I’m in a bit of a funk lately. I work and work inside the house, but I can only fill up the two city issued trash cans once each week, so I can only get rid of what fits inside them each week. I spend all week filling up those cans, and when they are filled I look in the rooms and see I have so much more yet to do. It’s completely frustrating.

I like that I am simplifying my life by getting rid of “stuff”, but there are so many sentimental things, things that belonged to loved family members and things I have yet to decide on keeping or not, and boxes of my own stuff to go through, and on and on it goes.

The Interior photos I pictured below are from Better Homes and Gardens 1957 or 1958. And there was a But It Now for one on eBay for only $8. And I waited too long to snag it. Grrrr why does this keep happening to me? Arg.

Once every few days I escape by searching eBay for treasures I really shouldn’t buy. I did get a most fantastic large, vintage ceramic lily pad dish. It was advertised as a green heart, but clearly it’s a wonderful 14” diameter lily pad. I have a lotus blossom candleholder and a Buddha that fits perfectly with it. Didn’t I say earlier that I don’t care for “Asian” style? But it looks so wonderful together, and I have so much vintage Asian things acquired by family. After much thought, I think I will have one of the smaller bedrooms with the Asian theme. I can see at this rate it will be another year before I can even get to the decorating. Sigh.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mid-Century 1950’s Lamps

My parents had lamps exactly like these, except theirs were a mid-to-dark green, not turquoise. Same style fiberglass lampshades. If I ever find these in the same green color, I just might have to buy them.


I’m kind of glad these were the wrong color, because the eBay seller wanted $40 opening bid and $30 for shipping. Too much.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

1950's Mid-Century Eames Artwork

These are two cool paintings:



And this is the best I have seen in a while; a rug:


I wanted the rug, but as a professional artist, I simply can’t see spending hundreds on something I can easily recreate myself for less, and as my own original. And better. And I will.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lost Another 1950's Lampshade

Ugh! I was on the phone with my sweetie and the auction ended. A double tier shade, ending at under $25.


Ah well, sometimes other things are worth it, and there will always be more. That poor lamp has been shade less for a long time, so what’s another few weeks?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pulling It In Shape

Now that a vast amount of “stuff” has been removed from the master bedroom, I have been in there trying to pull it together. I am so used to my large studio, 450 sq ft with vaulted ceilings that the master bedroom seems small and claustrophobic. Not sure of the room size yet, I’ll have to get in there and measure it. The other two smaller bedrooms are about 10’ by 10’.

The walls have been painted pink for years and years, and the two walls that wrap around the bathroom were wallpapered; one wall still papered, the other one painted over. So pink may not have been the original color.

A tall metal filing cabinet needs to be removed, a small dresser, a set of drawers and an awful, full-sized mattress, box springs and hideous headboard~

One other dresser will stay in there, and the matching desk will be moved in there to bring the mid-century set back together again. Not sure if I should leave the set of shelves in there, bring in the matching one from the living room or have no shelves at all.

One thing I do know, the more “stuff” you have in a room, the more claustrophobic it gets.

There is a bit of assorted stuff that needs to be removed from the closet and one set of drawers, and I have a few boxes of things I need to go through, move into the Studio closet once I pull that stuff out. UGH! It’s all about pushing stuff from one space to another at this point and I am getting sick of it!

Can you tell I was angry at “losing” the lampshade I’d won last post? I have yet to give him the negative feedback yet, but I will. Factual, but well-deserved. Ah, there are more lampshades to be bought on eBay, that’s the beauty of it.

Still getting over the flu or strep throat or some such illness which has sapped my energy and enthusiasm.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

eBay Scam - Seller jlombardo120

So after an entire month, and this seller telling me he’s sent that lampshade UPS Ground, it turns out he’s full of shit and hadn’t sent it at all.

Get this:

He wanted an additional $15 more than the $17 I had paid in shipping in order for me to get my item! $31 to ship? What a load of crap!

And he made me sweat it out an entire month over this!

I’ve bought other lampshades, and have seen many auctions of these and shipping is almost always $8-$12.

Well folks, just a warning about seller jlombardo120. As you can see, he is a dickhead and will be getting the negative feedback and one-stars he deserves.

So if you see this lampshade relisted on eBay, I advise you not to bid on it or you will go through the same crap I did.


Monday, February 2, 2009

1950’s Wallpaper

More cool ’50’s wallpaper designs to share.

I have been sick all week, which pisses me off lol. I’m not good at being sick. Meanwhile, enjoy!





More 1950's Wallpaper Samples