Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where Is My Triple-Tiered Fiberglass Lampshade?

It’s one day shy of two weeks since I won and paid for it. Grrrr.


I hate waiting, don’t you?

Tomorrow the person who is getting the massive amount of “stuff” from the one room is coming. I can’t wait for this to happen and have been moving the “stuff” into the living room so it can go out the door even faster. I need that room to put the things from the living room in there, in order to get the floor sanded and varnished.

This is what it SHOULD look like:


I almost started painting first, but a smart friend of mine pointed out that the sanding will create a huge amount of dust, which will cover the walls and ceiling, so best to wait until after the sanding is done to paint anything. And it’s taking much longer than I want it to. Blah. Same thing happened when I converted the garage into my art Studio. It took about two years. But I was working from the bare studs up.

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  1. Those old lamp shades were everywhere! LOL! I think everybody had one at one time or another. Also the venetian blind lamp shapes.

    Oh my. The sanding of the floors. That's why I got carpet. I got tired of waxing and dusting. Pretty, yes - but a lot of work. Check with an older contractor before you put polyurethane on those floors! Old wax floors can rot underneath by sealing the top. Not joking either. The moisture can't evaporate from underneath the house when you seal the floors and you get mold and rot. That's why I chose carpet. I wasn't about to pay the money to have the floors refinished and still have to wax them.