Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Original Interior/Exterior

Photos, photos. A blog is boring without photos, and while I have used blogs before, this is still new to me, so it will take a while to get photos up.

What is original to my post-war baby boomer 1950's Ranch style house? It would be easier to list what isn't original.

While the homes on my area all invest in updating the look of their homes, mine has remained original. Almost original paint colors in the kitchen, closets, pure mid-century pink formica in the kitchen along with pink appliances (all sadly in poor shape), original hardwood floors throughout, light fixtures including both hanging lamps in the kitchen and living room, original kitchen wall clock (none of the hanging lamps or clock currently work), inside doorbell fixture, pink tiled bathroom, linoleum floors (in poor shape and sadly no way to save), and remarkably, several pieces of furniture original to the house.

A chow table with asian influence, two Eames style tables; one a slat table, small wooden bookcase, a drafting table, two chest of drawers that match, a desk and dresser that match and another dresser. Most of these will have to be refinished.

The exterior of the house was originally a salmon pink and turquoise, but I won't be painting it that color scheme because it's just a bit too loud for the area. I don't have to deal with homeowners associations, luckily, but found a similar home in my area I will copy, which uses colors of off-white, dark gray trim and a deep red door.

I am at the very start of my projects. Still clearing out rooms and closets and such, with plans to sand and refinish the living room and hallway floors first.


  1. I'm right there with you! Just picked up a house built in 1954. Standard as-advertised 900 sq.ft ranch w/full basement (so the square footage goes up). I am going to repaint the house in original early '50s colors, and may use the originals on the house (if they aren't too crazy). I'm also looking for the right colors for the different rooms. The carpet is up and the floor refinishing will happen this summer. My kids love the floors. Since I HAVE kids, I gotta be kool on the vintage '50s goodies in the house. That will come later.
    I also am an old car restorer, doing a '38 Ford for a client now. My '60 and '62 Olds' are here, waiting their turns....I'm gonna keep watching yer progress, so get your pics up!
    - Shane
    Columbus, Oh.

  2. Hey thanks for your comment and sorry for the delay in the response. I'm still trying to figure out this whole blog deal lol...

    '50's stuff was made pretty tough, as you know. My brothers and I were rough on our 1950's things when we were kids. Just keep the Majestic lamps confined to the "no play" room lol...

    Thanks for your comment and keep us updated on your project!