Friday, January 16, 2009

Original 1950’s Interior Paint Colors

Here are some examples of 1950’s interior paint colors, thanks to the fine folks at populuxbooks.

Now there were many color schemes back then, same as there are today, but thought I’d post up a few examples.

When it comes to deciding for myself what colors to use, some rooms are easy, such as the kitchen which already has pink Formica, and I have a 1950’s green crushed ice Formica and chrome table and chairs, so pink and green, the old color scheme it is now, is a given. And it looks very nice. The inside back of the cabinets is pink, so the whole kitchen might have been pink at one time, but the green color has been on the walls since the early 60’s, I believe.

When it comes to the living room, my decision wasn’t so easy.

I believe the original color was a very pale gray. The windowsills are still that color, as is the frame of an original oil painting that was up on the wall.

I converted the large garage into an art studio, as I am a professional artist, and after some trial and error in there, I came up with a medium-dark gray for the walls and carpet, with black furniture and black and white artwork and photography on the walls, with accents of red. The results have been so stunning, I will do the same in the living room. Hence the black and red lamps I have purchased so far.

If it does not work out, I will simply paint it another color. The hanging lamp is one of those rich iridescent brown-warm-rainbow colors, so that will clash. Not sure what to do about that except to get the warm tan-brown fiberglass lampshades I have been.

The hallway will be white, same as the main bathroom, and the Master bedroom pink as it always has been, with green accents, similar to the kitchen.

Still deciding on the two other bedrooms. Ugh, hard to decide. Inside the closets are also an original medium gray, but I believe one bedroom was soon painted a pale yellow, the other blue. Now one is pink and one blue, and I may stick with that.

Have you had this much difficulty in deciding on your interior colors?


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  2. Ah, exactly what I needed to find! Am building a new house, but want it to have vintage colors. I have mostly 40s-50s furniture, so thought the 50s colors might work well. GREAT work, thanks!

  3. We haven't painted anything in our new (old) house. Most of the rooms were wallpapered at some point (the 80s as far as I can tell), so that's gotta come down first. Since we just went through stripping wallpaper in our last house, we're not so motivated to start!

    I love these original color palettes, though - thanks for posting, and for reminding me about the Populuxe site!

  4. I feel your pain in choosing color schemes. I wanted to do a yellow gold in my livingroom I recently redid. I had forgotten that I had some pendant lights that were yellow with brown specks. No dice. Now I'm thinking a light green, even though my sofa is green. A new sofa may be in order. Boy, does this ever stop?

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