Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving Day

A U-Haul loaded full of stuff, headed out this morning. It’s about time. Not my stuff, the stuff stored here for too long by someone else.

As for what little “stuff” is left over, I will throw out what looks like junk and box what’s left and move it into the shed out back until this person comes to get the rest of it in November or December.

Meanwhile, the room is in much better shape, and I will clean the rest of the few things out in the next few days, and commence getting the things from the living room into that room so I can get my floors sanded.

This, my friends, is the price you pay when you get a fixer-upper. I know it will be worth it, eventually.

I got both pieces of 1950’s barkcloth, which are better than pictured, and that fantastic black fiberglass dish planter on the tripod stand. It’s bigger than I anticipated which thrills me.

This cheered me up.

Still no sign of that triple tiered lampshade and I’m getting anxious about that. I double-checked and the seller is sending it parcel post Ugh, so it may take a few more days. I will email the seller soon if it does not arrive this week.