Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1950’s Barkcloth

Snagged these two pieces of vintage barkcloth in the hard to find colors I want: black, red, gold and white.


The photos are poor, but the colors of the background are white, or so they were advertised. I will make pillows to match the décor in my living room.

That mid-century wallpaper sample book (samples pictured below) sold for over $200. Wow, perhaps a designer bought it.

I am still amazed certain 1950’s things sell for so much money on eBay as compared to other things. And mad at the things which are so popular now, that I didn’t think were very important, like my “Jere” style metal and wood cattails statue which I placed in my fish pond and eventually fell by the weather wayside. Who knew that would be something “special? This was only a few years ago.

And the things that sell for big bucks? Chess sets. What’s up with that? Chess wasn’t all that popular in the 1950’s. No more so than many other things. Maybe someone can enlighten me about these things.