Saturday, January 24, 2009

$100 eBay Lamp Disaster~ Seller Name wisconsinantiquesmarket

Here is that disaster of a lamp I got scammed on.

Description reads:

Mid-century mod, retro vintage FLOOR LAMP tall cone shade

Very mod 1950's - 60's vintage floor lamp with the original tall parchment shade. This stands 42" tall overall.

The lamp is made to light both the cone and the base. The natural colored parchment paper lining to the base has some red spots from the upper shade bleeding color onto it, and the upper shade does have wear, and discoloration from spotting and fading. It looks as though it wouldn't be a difficult job to cut a new shade, using the original shade as a pattern.

The lamp itself and the wiring look good, and this works.

Seller is: wisconsinantiquesmarket


There isn’t any bleeding of the red into the lower white portion, (maybe they sent me a different lamp?) but do you see any place that shows or describes that both the light sockets were literally hanging upside down by their wires, or that clearly there was a fresh burn spot on the side of the lamp where they tested it and because the sockets are flopping around, and the hot bulb rested against the parchment and burned a spot on it?

Neither do I.

Seller has a good rating of 99.8%, so I shopped responsibly, but they fucked up here and I’m not happy about it at all. Without the exact, small-sized screws that go into a small metal plate and into the base of each socket to hold them in place, they flop. And am I going to pay for the initial $35 shipping to me, and $35 to ship it back to them? Nope. Wonder if I can file a credit card dispute? Should I give them negative feedback?