Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hello! Some Updated Interior Pictures of my 1950's Ranch House

Hello! I have not been blogging, but I have been working on my 1950's Atomic Ranch House. I've done a lot, but still have things to do. But, I've done enought to share a few photo. Yay!

The above photo is the master bedroom. (click image to enlarge). A pink and blue theme, from the atomic barkcloth curtains, to the turquoise lamps and pink phone. I love spending time in this room!

Another photo, more recent (but it looks different now, I like to get things just right!) The abstract Googie painting over the bed I did myself, using some of the rooms' pink trim paint, and colors that go with the room. Love the simple blue Empire style radio on the headboard.

The matching blonde table with goes with the two blond side tables. matching color/pattern footstools, barkcloth nubby curtains and matching holiday pine cones.

And the desk in the master bedroom. The atomic wall mirror, starburst wall clock, darling little pink table lamps and a few other things.

And one more: The killer floor lamp I bought with matching white, blue and pink colors. Love this!!

Hmm I seem to only have one photo of the pink bedroom. I guess I need to take more photos. Love the ballerina lamps and the poodles. Every mid century home needs poodles!

I repainted the whole living room a second time to this wonderful turquoise blue. My 1950's TV, atomic kinetic spray, that swooped long white dish is perfect, and my backlit starburst wall clock. I need to take new photos since I finally got a couch!

My office with the space theme. Atomic wall clock, starburst thermometer, stitch sampler of man stepping on the moon, and one of two amazing hanging mobiles, one was named "Mercury", one "Jupiter". In the original packages, I spend quite a bit on those. They are very popular!

More office: A silly spaceman swag lamp which I just love, modern looking wall clock and vintage Air Show poster.

The kitchen was one of the more difficult rooms to make it look presentable. A white and pink theme, because it's a rather small narrow long shape, and it needed all the help it could get in feeling bigger. Pink rose wilendur tablecloth as a curtain, original silver wall clock.

Over the kitchen table. I've already moved the ballerinas to another room, but I love these atomic looking wall clocks. These are one of an extremely few repros things I use in my house. I prefer as authentic as I can get.

And finally, the other end of the kitchen. As you see, it still needs more work: I have other "new" original 1950's pink oven, stove, stove vent cover thing and a pink sink, but have not had them installed yet. You can see the original pink oven and pink counter. I always loved the pink kitchen!!

Well, that's all for now. I'll take more and better photos to post again soon. It's been a LOT of work doing all this myself. I have tried to do it on a small budget, so no name brand furniture or fancy things... I did the painting myself (every room), bought much of the mid century things on eBay (including several pieces of furniture), and time.

I will post more soon. Thank you for visiting!!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hello My Friends - Blogger - And Ingraham Daisy Clock A Warning About Trying Out eBay Items!

First of all, my old camera finally decided it had enough, so after 12 wonderful years, it died. RIP. I need to go get another one. I'm told they cost a lot less and hopefully are easy to use with my computer. No I do not have a cell phone that takes photos as all I have is a small emergency cell phone.

Second, while I get your comments in my email, when I go to approve or modertae comments from email, they just do not link, so I click and nothing happens and no comments are published. I looked around blogger and soo no place to moderate or apprve comments from inside my blogger account.

Any ideas on this?

Ugh. These changes to Blogger and yahoo email are making it impossible to blog with Blogger!

I can read comments, I just cannot publish them. Thanks in advance!

When I hit "publish" for this post, THEN it showed comments awaiting moderation. Not sure how to get there without doing that, but I was able to publish some recent blog post comments...

Oh, and the Ingraham daisy clock I love, bought for my old bedroom (so it's from the 70's when I was a kid) was bought last year for around $40 as these are popular. When I got it, I plugged it in and it worked... For the  few minutes I tested it.

I finally put it on the wall, plugged it in, and only after it ran 20 minutes did I discover it stops working. Arg!!! Far too late to return it, I am stuck with a clock that does not work. So frustrating! My fault for not testing it longer, but who knew I'd have to do that.

Word to the wise when you buy things from ebay. :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello Again My Vintage Friends!

It's been a while since I have updated my 1950's Atomic Ranch House blog, and I thought it was time.

I drifted away to other social networking websites, namely Twitter for quite a while. Twitter has a wonderful way of bringing you close to a lot of people, any time, day or night, and with my crazy at-home work schedule, it is nice to log on to Twitter and be able to talk to people 24/7, right at the moment, as opposed to our blogs which are a bit slow and infrequent.

However, I will strive to keep posting, BUT I just discovered my digital camera went on the fritz! Oh gosh, it's ONLY 10 years old! But it sure did last a long time and I am sorry to have to get a new one. I am completely technically challenged so I have my fingers crossed I can find a basic easy to use digital. My old one was a Kodak, so I'll get the same brand (if they still make them, these days you never know!)

I still buy on eBay, but I am more selective than ever, and that was part of the issue. A lack of things to talk about. I did finally get my kitchen painted and it looks amazing! Well, for what I have to work with. I did take a few photos before my camera konked out, so I will post some. The floor is still not done and looks a terrible mess, but I do have a few photos I can share, with the floor cropped out. Yes, it's that bad!! It's the original linoleum which was under another layer, and I'd hoped it would be in better shape, but good gawd it looks dreadful!! No showing it on the net, it's just too horrible!

But I adore these two wall hanging vintage mid century Ballerina figurines. I hung them in the kitchen with my vintage atomic clock. Pictures, I know! Where are the damn pictures?!

I got into buying a few choice, select figurines which I do have photos of and will show soon too. I need to  space out posts with photos until I have a new camera. I sure hope I can buy one and figure it out easily and quickly!

Well friends, just an update to get this blog rolling along. Thank you, hope all my friends are doing well!

Thank you to over 1,000 followers! I wish I could figure out the whole new Blogger format (another reason why I have not updated in a long time, I get spammed ALL the time by spammers, but have no clue where to find the comments settings. I guess if I poked around and googled a lot I might get this figured out.

Happy October!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Almost Fall in the Southwest USA

Of course here in the southwest USA, even though it's mid September, it's still around 100F/37C and hot as the dickins! My little kitten is trying to stay cool by rolling belly up. She's not really a kitten but she's so small except for her little round tummy, I call her that.She says: "Hello, it's hotter than hell here!"

So what the heck have I done in the last couple months? Not a lot! I did buy a few things. I don't buy much these days because I pretty much have most of what I want.

Buuuut since I work, a LOT, and I am at my computer, a lot, I do browse eBay sometimes just to break up the monotony.

Sooo here is what I have snagged since the last post:

This darling Daisy clock is going in the pink room or my old childhood bedroom. Not what I had as a kid, but since as adults we can buy a BETTER childhood, I got this wonderful addition. It is vintage, but in "new old stock" condition. So cute!

Snagged a second one of these atomic mirrors like in my last post. There are advertised as "vintage" but they have one of those bar codes stuck on the back so they are new-vintage style. I made an exception (one of an extremely small number of exceptions as I tend to be a vintage purist) because I love the style so much and they are made solid! Very heavy. Good deal because they are not "real" vintage. I will paint both to match.

Oh my gosh! When I saw this vintage Sputnik animated alarm clock, I could NOT say no!

Do you see Sputnik on the clear dial that spins around in space (it's the second hand)? It was advertised as a [sic] "sattelite clock", not Sputnik, so I jumped all over it. Needs a little fine tuning, but I'm thrilled with it!

eBay furniture and I never seem to mix, but these "Paul McCobb style chairs" (I didn't care what they were, I just loved them!) were a deal at $20 each. The assembly on one was a breeze, the second one, not so much. But, all in all, I am most happy with them.

I'm sure I mentioned, I have been buying a few things I used to have as a child. The cool thing about being an adult, and gosh knows we have enough grown up responsibilities to do already, is that we can buy back our childhood, or an even better one! Yay adulthood!

We weren't exactly loaded with dough, and my memory is sketchy for some reason, so luckily I can't remember a lot of the things I had as a kid, but...

Mom got me this perfume with the cat some time back there when I was less child and a bit more teen, I think (I forget) but for $5 US, what the heck, right? Cost more back then.

And Mom used to have this birdcage that has solid creme perfume in the base. The cage part has a hinge and it opens up. Long story, she lost it, and now it is home again. Well, one just like it.

I couldn't believe when I remembered having this horse necklace one day, and when I checked eBay for "horse necklace heart", (I didn't know what else to call it), there was one just like it! I love eBay! It's cheap, but there's a whole story about the one I got. I'll spare you the boring story! Just glad to have another one again. Cheap, only cost me $2 US.

I also found, to my astonishment, a blank copy of a diary I used to have as a kid/teen. Not the one that got stolen from me (long story, I'll skip that too), but the same make and style as the one I had, only blank. Wow, that was a surprise. $5 for that, couldn't say no!

This cute little vintage art smock for when I can get my vintage oil paint sets out and do some art.

Sweet art print.

And ONE last thing I'll mention. These vintage glass vials are very small, and for my Altered Art. I also got some vintage watch clock faces too. They list them under "Steampunk" and that makes the price go up, but I am set to get back into my art this Fall and Winter, so splurged a little bit.

I got a few other little things I had as a kid. A couple teeny tiny 1" tall dolls. Luckily I only had two as a kid, because now they sell for $35 and up, each! Some kid things sure get pricy!

Not much progress in the house due to my insane added work load. Gearing up to paint the last few rooms as soon as this heat subsides - bathroom, my office and the kitchen (which I have had to think long and hard about how and what I would paint). I don't think I'll ever resolve the curtain issue in the living room using real vintage material, there's just far too many huge windows, (6, floor to ceiling), so I will have to find something new and suitable.

That's it! Hope you all are well, I will make it around to your blogs as much as I can while I am taking a blog break!

Monday, July 2, 2012

New Additions

I have not been able to keep up with my blog very well. But rather than dwell on that...

I did get some curtains for my office. I have some material for curtains, but decided to buy two pair already "made". I have two windows in my office, different sizes, so finding 4 pair that would work has always been a challenge. So I settled on these, for now.

LOVE this radio, and of course it works. This is for the master bedroom, whose color scheme is pink & turquoise. Love the empire style of this radio.

This was too cute to pass up. Just a little addition for fun. Vintage calendar.

Finally! I was able to get one of these Atomium paper weights for an affordable price. From the 1958 World's Fair, these babies have been selling for upwards of $80, and I refused to pay that much for a small item. Snagged this great deal on a holiday weekend when no one was bidding.

These are so much fun! Atom model kits. You can make atom shapes in any design, and they become mid century sculptures. Snagged a great deal on these too.

This mirror is not "vintage" per se, but it was so damn cool, I had to get it. Very heavy, solid, and looks fantastic with my molecule clock and starburst temperature dealies. Is that an official word? Dealie?

I continue to do the most boring work, clearing out my shed to get stuff in there and to get the few things still in the living room out of that room. Fingers crossed I can get to painting the one bathroom and my office soon! My work schedule is crazy.

Hope all my friends are well, I'll try to make it around to all your blogs, but I'm still having trouble with the new flash format or whatever it is and I can't always respond. Frustrating!

Happy Monday and Fourth of July to my friends here in America!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vintage Cold War Atomic Bomb Civil Defense First Aid Kit

While the rest of you are discussing jello molds and fashion, I am preparing for civil defense!

Good people of the mid-century, the threat of an atomic bomb is real! You must prepare!

Looks like I will be prepared for all sorts of things with this very cool real civil defense first aid kit.

All sorts of goodies like these safety pins which I will need to pin up bandages on hurt people. You know, those who did not prepare and build a fallout shelter!

Dressings and important "stuff" for when we are attacked by that big bad nuclear bomb! Don't forget to be well advised on what to do in case the atomic bomb is dropped!

A booklet to inform and . . .

. . Enough body tags to assess the wounded. Don't be one of them!

I do not want to frighten any of you, I only want you to be safe in case of a hairy nuclear attack on your neighborhood. Take the time to learn the right things to do . . .

This really is cool, and it goes well with my other civil defense Atomic Bomb items. It pays to be ready, just in case!

Happy Wednesday to all my blog friends!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Vintage Metal Western Horse Toy

Dipping my toe back in the eBay shopping market. I swear they changed the format again, as I was shopping today. Used to be a little secondary search window at the top, right, now that's gone.

At any rate, I snagged this charming little vintage metal western horse toy with great patina for only $0.99 US. Big buy!

I have a similar vintage or antique metal racehorse Mom gave me years ago. So this guy will fit right in.

I checked all my usual categories on eBay and find I am more selective than ever. I don't want "stuff" but only things I cannot live without.

Was tempted to bid on a vintage red slipper chair. The price was right as was shipping, but when I inquired about musty or moldy scents, the seller not only dodged the question but said a "bad smell" was no reason for a return.

Wow! Lost a sale!

I bought a beautiful vintage slipper chair a couple years ago on eBay, and it had a heavy musty smell. No matter what I tried, there was no getting rid of that smell! It's been in the dry heat here long enough where the smell is not noticeable much anymore, but I'm not going through that again. No thanks!

I hope all my blog friends are doing well!